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As a group of close friends who met at METU Players and experienced the beauty of making collective theatre despite all its difficulties there, we established "Boş Sahne" Empty Stage in Istanbul in 2011.


After Mazes (2011), A Report to an Academy (2013) and If Dreams Come True (2015), we began to conduct our work as members of the team in Ankara starting from 2015.


With the Tale of Instrumentalist Gulali (2015), we focused on the areas of storytelling and physical theater. Later, we worked on Chimidyue (2017) with a group of friends who appeared in the METU Players' play Momo (2016). We also expanded our research into children's and youth theatre and into the different areas of physical theatre. Our new play, the Sinister Story of Glorious Görkem (Glory), premiere in January 2020. There are many things that excite us, and we are curious about.


We want to have a simple and free life, and to make theater as we live.

Boş Sahne

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