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Chimdyue (2017) was adapted from the story of The Wings of the Butterfly told by Aaron Shepard which is based on a folk tale of Tukuna tribe of South Africa. In a village where scary stories are always told about the forest, Chimdyue continues to wonder the mysteries of the forest, and one day she finds herself in the middle of the forest while chasing a butterfly. She’s lost and everything in the forest is so unfamiliar to her. Although this journey is dangerous and frightening, Chimidyue will get to know the forest again beyond the stereotypes of her people. And as she tries to understand the path of the forest, she will discover that the forest also understands her; she will recall a secret she hadn’t noticed before.

One-act play.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Suitable for the audience aged 5 and older.

Original text: Aaron Shepard
Adaptation and Direction: Semih Ali Aksoy
Assistant Stage Manager: Sibel Usta
Gaffer: Burakcan Bakırcı
Poster Design: Ayşe Dinçer, Özge Atalay Çalık

Alper Güney
Ceren Özcan
Gamze Karaca
İrem Alpaslan
Seran Yazıcı
Sibel Usta
Uygar Erkuş
Yunus Arif Kesmez

Special thanks to Ayşe Boyacıoğlu, Ayşe Dinçer, Cem Aslan, Ceren Kara, Elif Sıla Yağcı, Gülden Ateş, Hasret Şencan, Hazan Öcal, Onur Aksoy, Özgün Çakar, Sıla Nur Ünal, Uğur Usta, Yağmur Yüksel, Ziya Can, ASSİTEJ Türkiye, Yol Atölye, İrene Kültür Evi, Fade Stage&Coffee, and ODTÜ Oyuncuları

The musical pieces inspired or partly used in the play:

Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata
Nazare Pereira - Forró No Escuro
Antonín Dvořák - Serenade for strings in E major

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